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Flying Fox Fauna Management guarantees safe and holistic wildlife management within Brisbane and Queensland. We specialise in comprehensive fauna spotter catcher services and specialty wildlife services.

At Flying Fox Fauna Management we have two priorities: safety for our staff and clients, and delivering a best practice, ecologically informed service. We believe that zero harm in construction is an achievable goal, not a catch-cry. The design and implementation of our work methodologies reflects this belief.

Our staff are fully accredited fauna management specialists with long-term experience in the delivery of ecologically based fauna management.

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Fauna Spotter Catcher

Flying Fox Fauna Management is a specialist fauna spotter catcher service with extensive experience in wildlife ecology within Australian ecosystems. We provide comprehensive fauna management for projects of any scope – from the assessment of a single tree to large-scale land clearing operations.

Central to our service is best practice fauna care, meeting project timeframes and ensuring a safe, enjoyable work environment for all site personnel. We believe that targeted well-implemented fauna management should not impede construction targets but operate alongside them, resulting in the timely delivery of a premium product.

Contact us for further information on our comprehensive fauna spotter catcher services.

Brisbane Snake Catcher

24hr / 7 day snake removal service for greater brisbane and northern gold coast - call 0405573384

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Fauna Management

Our comprehensive fauna management includes the following services:

  • Assessment and reporting on habitat values and fauna occupancy within disturbance limits prior to works
  • Preclearance assessments directly prior to clearing involving the search and recovery of native fauna within the disturbance limits
  • Fauna load reduction
  • Where actionable, the removal and/or relocation of higher value habitat prior to disturbance activities
  • Clear delineation of high value habitat
  • The spotting, capture and relocation of fauna displaced during clearing
  • Targeted EVNT management
  • Koala spotter services and/or targeted searches for indication of habitat utilization by Koala
  • Management of injured or dependant fauna assisted by close association with local carer and veterinarian networks
  • Provision of a comprehensive post clearance report detailing all fauna encountered and inclusive of all capture and relocation information
  • Submission to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) of fauna log with associated capture and release data to satisfy legislative requirements

Need a service that isn’t listed? Contact us to discuss it!

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Brisbane Snake Catcher

For brisbane snake capture and removal call 0405573384 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK
We will provide a certified professional snake catcher to safely relocate it for you.

We are capable of servicing most of greater brisbane and are perfectly positioned for quick delivery to the southern brisbane suburbs including the logan area.

For snake photo identification email snake pics to or alternatively refer to our brisbane snake identification guide

Until we arrive:

  • DO NOT attempt to interfere with the snake under any circumstances, we are on our way
  • Keep your eye on the snake IF SAFE TO DO SO to ensure that we can locate and remove it; or
  • If possible isolate the snake from people and pets by sealing the room it is in by shutting the door and jamming a towel or similar into the gap between floor and door
  • Make sure to keep pets and people well away from the snake

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Elliot Wigram

Ph: 0405573384
A: 38 Dyson Avenue, Sunnybank, QLD, 4109

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